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Mayan human rights efforts

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Class of 2020—sixty middle and high school students at the Museum of Historical Memory, new construction, Rabinal, Guatemala. Two-thirds of the students are girls whose families were impoverished by the armed conflict lasting 36 years in Guatemala. 

Mayan human rights organization ADIVIMA

works to rebuild community after massacres

General assembly 2

ADIVIMA was founded in 1994 by the survivors of the massacres of indigenous peoples in the 1980s. ADIVIMA exhumes mass graves, provides an honorable reburial and builds momuments listing the names of hundreds of people killed. 

Visiting ADIVIMA

Members of Jefferson and Arlington Unitarian Churches meet with ADIVIMA staff at their headquarters in Rabinal, Guatemala. Unitarian churches have visited ADIVIMA on eight different occasions from 2006 to 2018 getting to know the Mayan community on a personal basis through intercultural exchanges and home visits. 

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